Is Israel Leading the AgTech Race?

There are now more than 400 Israeli agritech startups working on solutions for the global agriculture sector.

Given Israel’s history of agriculture, it’s hardly surprising that the country would collectively focus on businesses surrounding the sector, but these are not historical Israeli farming companies. These companies are at the forefront of the race to bring data analytics, robots and drones and automation to farmers around the world across all types of farming.

These agritech startups are innovating across a range of challenges such as drought and water efficiency, as well as crop productivity and waste. 

While Israel’s agritech funding footprint might look relatively small compared to other leading markets such as the US — according to AgFunder, Israeli agritech startups raised just 2% of funding dollars in 2016 ($51.7m) while US startups raised 58% of funding dollars. However, this is impressive considering Israel has a population of 8.5 million next to the US’s 323 million.

While Israel is not currently leading the AgTech race, they are certainly catching up. To read more about this topics and gain insights into the Israeli AgTech Startup scene check out this AgFunder Article. It details all the industry’s within the global agriculture sector that hot new Israel startups are participating in as well as what companies and what technologies are at the forefront of these industries.


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