Hospital Partners with local Aquaponics Farm

HealthPartners hospitals just got a huge upgrade at the dining hall. HealthPartners just partnered with Urban Organics in St. Paul, MN for fresh greens in their hospitals.

Urban Organic's partners with HealthPartners Hospitals to bring staff and patients fresh produce.
Urban Organic’s Urban Farm. Photo cred

Urban Organics provides the hospital with greens that were harvested less than 24 hours from their drop-off. In a news release, CEO Steven Massey cited that fresh and sustainably grown foods are important to their overall commitment to health.

This new relationship is showcasing how the old food model is disappearing. With farms now setting themselves up in cities they are much closer to potential customer base. With Urban Organics being able to deliver direct, and not have to rely on a distributor it was able to find a unique client that was after its high quality, fresh and local greens.

With farms moving closer to their customers, opportunities like this will continue to expand. As farmers learn their local markets and customers they can change the paradigm and start growing what the customer needs and not guessing what they might want.

Urban Organics and Health Partners are showcasing what the future of food looks like in a world of urban farms. To read the original story with quotes from both business owners click here.

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