Berlin Just Got Little Fishier

Berlin Farm Raises Fish and Plants In Downtown.

In 2014, Ecofriendly Farmsystems (ECF), launched one of Europe’s biggest aquaponics farms right in the heart of the Berlin. The expansive greenhouse, built on the site of an old malting plant, is home to thousands of pots of basil and 13 fish tanks stocked with perch.

The farm focuses strictly on basil and fish production. The farm covers 1,800 square meters and uses rainwater collected from its roof. Water flows into fish tanks, and solid waste is filtered out.

Berlin farm can produce up to 30 tons of fish annually-enough to supply 2,000 of the city’s inhabitants with fish for a year.

Ecofriedly Farmsystems Brings Aquaponics Farming into the heart of Berlin.
Ecofriendly Farmsystems Brings Aquaponics Farming into the heart of Berlin.

Like many in the industry the founders of ECF are self taught hobbyists turned commercial pros.

Following this successful test phase in Berlin, ECF is planning to establish city farms elsewhere. The company intends to build what will be the largest aquaponic farm in Europe on the site of the historic Abattoir in Brussels. Covering 2,000 square metres, it’s a joint project with the European Natural Thinking Factory.

Since its founding, ECF has been financially supported by Investitionsbank Berlin Brandenburg (IBB), and a private investor. Investors believe that aquaponics has morphed from a niche issue into a veritable trend with great potential. Indeed, ECF is not alone on the aquaponics stage: In Switzerland, Urban Farmers is designing similar plants, and in Brooklyn, Edenworks recently opened a farm that produces both fish and herbs.

ECF expects to become profitable in 2017, with a turnover of €2 million.

To learn more check out ECF’s website.

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