Aquaponics used by Jacksonville’s Fresh Ministries to End Poverty

Fresh Ministries Aquaponics
Fresh Ministries Aquaponics System

A Jakcosnvilee, FL non-profit, Fresh Ministries, has a new program in place as part of their mission to end local poverty. They recently installed an aquaponics system in one of their greenhouses and plan to sell tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapenos, peppers, beans, lettuce, blueberry and Key lime plants to the local neighborhood. Students in the nonprofit’s educational and youth employment initiative will have a place to learn agribusiness skills.

Founded in 1989, Fresh Ministries works to eradicate poverty in inner-city Jacksonville and worldwide through financial literacy, life skills, job preparation, business incubation and other programs. Within the next six months, the nonprofit expects to open a customer window at the greenhouse and begin retail sales. Proceeds will go back into Fresh Ministries programs. Meanwhile, the nonprofit is already at work spreading the aquaponics concept beyond Jacksonville. In October 2015, Fresh Ministries received a $1.98 million federal grant to create an aquaponics training center in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The nonprofit’s goals are to increase their neighbors’ access to fresh foods and to improve education and awareness of aquaponics and the benefits of fresh fish and produce.

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