Aquaponic and Hydroponic Farming the Next Big Thing In Ohio

Aquaponic and Hydroponic farming are the next big thing in Ohio according to a few local Ohio farmers who are seeing incredible results.

One operator, Paul Mastronardi of Golden Fresh Farms, states “The future of the greenhouse industry in the United States is about to take off in the next 5 years.” He believes it has the potential to replace traditional farming due to its high-efficiency making aquaponic and hydroponic farming the next big thing.

Also in Ohio, Oasis Aqua Farm run by Kimball Osbourne, is seeing success as well. It’s a much smaller operation than Golden Fresh Farms, however, they grow over twenty varieties of plants and plan to expand as demand grows for their local fish and produce sales.

Oasis Aqua Farms. An Aquaponics farm in Ohio

With these two farms and others in Ohio finding success and demand for their products, it seems aquaponics and hydroponic farming are the next big thing in Ohio.

More and more we are seeing stories of aquaponics and hydroponics on the rise in states throughout the country. However, typically these stories are out of Florida, Texas, California and other fair weather farming states. To see stories of the industry on a rise, especially in states typically not known for their agriculture, is a great sign of the industry’s health overall.

To read more about these farms and the budding industry in Ohio, check out the original article here.


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