3Bar Raises $2mil in Seed Round

The trend of AgTech companies seeing investment continues to grow as 3Bar raises $2mil in a seed round earlier this month. 

3Bar uses microbes to enhance plant growth. If you are familiar with probiotics for humans and gut health, this is the plant equivalent. They use beneficial microbes or bacteria to improve the overall health of plants which results in increased overall yields as a result.

The best part is, growers will not have to change the way they grow. Farmers are admittedly stubborn when it comes to changing the way they grow, they like to stick with what’s tried and true and has worked for them and their farm for generations. 3Bar understood that predisposition of farmers and developed their products to integrate with the way farmers were already growing.

“Farmers simply press a button to activate the microbes, which begin multiplying when they come in contact with the growth solution. When the mixed product is applied to seeds, each drop contains millions of microbes that grow with the plant.”

3Bar is the brainchild of Bruce Caldwell, whose previous work includes being head of R&D at Miracle-Gro for many years.

3Bar raised funds from a variety of different investors and groups, including Rev1 Ventures, Maumee Ventures, Ohio TechAngel Funds, Queen City Angels, Carmen Innovations, and SVG Thrive Fund.

With this investment, 3Bar is broadening the availability of its groundbreaking offering that uses naturally occurring microbes to help farmers improve the quantity and quality of crop production.

To read more about this story including quotes from founder Bruce Caldwell, check out their site here.

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