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Get fresh, locally grown food – without the hassle.

Do you know where your food comes from? With weekly produce from our FreshCSA, you’ll get greens and vegetables from a local source you can trust. We work with CT-based farmers and operate our own urban aquaponics farm to help you gain access to quality, fresh food, any time of year.

Our FreshCSA is unlike any other, and you can be among the first to benefit from our wholesome, locally grown and sourced produce.

What is FreshCSA?

Here at Trifecta Ecosystems, our mission is to create the City That Feeds Itself™. We’re working to increase the amount of food grown within city limits, while ensuring that produce is distributed locally. By signing up for our FreshCSA program, you’ll get:

  • Fresh Food

    A weekly supply of fresh, locally grown food from our urban aquaponics farm, including leafy greens, microgreens, sprouts, herbs and more.

  • Quality Produce

    Local, quality food from neighboring CT farms that are part of our mission to grow The City That Feeds Itself™.

  • Hand-Crafted Recipes

    Delicious recipes crafted by My City Kitchen, a local nonprofit organization that uses food to bring community together.

  • Community Involvement

    The great feeling that comes with eating good, whole, sustainable food that is helping to support the city you live in!

Want To Do More For Your Community?

With FreshCSA, you’ve got the option of purchasing a Buy-One Give-One CSA share. Not only are you empowering yourself with vital nutrition, you’re empowering those in need!

Each week, we donate a full share for every one you buy to a local non-profit to help feed our community. This Buy-One Give-One model is what makes FreshCSA so different. It’s not just a program to connect you to your farmer, it’s a program to connect your farm and your share with your community.

Our Fall 2017 FreshCSA Program Has Begun!

Check out this season’s pickup schedule, and sign up for our FreshCSA newsletter for more information!

See how we’re making a difference in our community!

 Thompson Street Farm

Thompson Street Farm

 Bristol Adult Resource Center

Bristol Adult Resource Center

 Arc of Meriden-Wallingford

Arc of Meriden-Wallingford