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Attention: Are you looking for the freshest locally grown and sustainably harvested produce in Connecticut?

Look no further than FreshCSA Founders Share from Trifecta Ecosystems!

What is FreshCSA?

FreshCSA is a fresh take on the traditional Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model. CSAs connect farmers with their local community. The concept is that you purchase a “share” of the farm itself. It’s like you have your own plot of land but a farmer grows all the food for you. Each week you would get a portion of the week’s harvest or your “share” of the overall haul. It’s a great way to get local food and know where your food comes from!

That said, not everyone has the best experience with their CSA. You’re at the mercy of your farmer’s choice of production, not to mention the season dictating what she can grow. You may love what you get in the spring, when you’re getting tender greens, berries, and herbs. Come fall you get 10 lbs of sweet potatoes every week and have no idea how to use them!

FreshCSA solves these drawbacks. FreshCSA works unlike any other CSA program by allowing you to choose what you want to receive! No surprises, no getting dumped with 10 pounds of potatoes just because that’s what the farm needs to get rid of.

We grow year-round at our urban aquaponics farm in Meriden, Connecticut. What you get in your first week, you’ll get in your last weekly share. In addition, we include recipe ideas so you’re never short on ways to use your share.

These are some seriously tasty recipes, believe me. They are all carefully crafted by the amazing ladies of My City Kitchen, a nonprofit organization using food to bring our community together. My City Kitchen is run by two professional chefs, Kaisha and Alvira, who teach children and single parents to make healthy meals for yourself on a budget.

What is the FreshCSA Founders Share?

The FreshCSA Founders Shares include quality locally grown food every week. We call this our salad CSA because we produce leafy greens, microgreens, sprouts, and herbs in our aquaponics farm in Meriden. We take all that fresh goodness and combine it with locally sourced salad veggies, like tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.  

 Each salad CSA share comes with:

  • A week’s worth of side salad mix for two people. Mix includes various lettuce, leafy greens and microgreens.
  • Additional local produce including cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers

The salad CSA is enough for two people to have a week’s worth of side salads or two to three large salads each.

Weekly pickup takes place at our Sprout Food Hub at 290 Pratt Street, Meriden, CT.

The Buy-One Give-One CSA

The Founder’s Share is about much more than just great local food every week. As a founder, you’ll be taking a direct part in helping us solve local food security.

With FreshCSA, you’ve got the option of purchasing a Buy-One Give-One CSA share.

Not only are you empowering yourself with vital nutrition, you’re empowering those in need!  

Each week, we donate a full share for every one you buy to a local non-profit to help feed our community. This Buy One Give One model is what makes FreshCSA so different. It’s not just a program to connect you to your farmer, it’s a program to connect your farm and your share into your community.

Join the Mission: Create the City that Feeds Itself

Here at Trifecta Ecosystems, our mission is to create the City that Feeds Itself™. Part of that mission is to increase the amount of food grown within city limits and ensure that produce is distributed locally. The CSA program gives a connection directly to our consumers and were able to learn about them and tailor the experience around them. But the mission is about more than just food grown locally. As a benefit corporation, we are dedicated to having an impact in our community and with the FreshCSA program you can take part directly in that impact and help us feed those less fortunate in our community.

This is the start of something bigger than us, it’s a model we hope to repeat with more farms in Meriden and across the state. It’s about putting our dollars where our conscience is and taking action towards a better local food ecosystem. Those that sign up for the Founder’s share will be immortalized at our original Meriden urban farm as the champions who backed the City that Feeds Itself™. You’ll receive exclusive swag to show off your support and share your mission with friends and family. By joining our CSA you’re having a direct impact on our ability to see this mission through to the next stage. This is the first produce to come off the Sprout Food Hub. We’ve farmed and run CSA programs for years but this is the first time we are doing a Buy One Give One model and our first time growing commercially in a city. With the move, we dedicated ourselves to having a greater impact and fostering stronger community connections. With a FreshCSA Founder’s share you will be immortalized on our founder’s wall as the first community members to join our mission to create the City that Feeds Itself™

How can you join the mission and help create the City that Feeds Itself™?