Fueling Our Future

We have a responsibility to ourselves, our community, and our planet to grow and distribute food in a more deliberate and conscious manner. Through unlocking our mission to create the City that Feeds Itself™, we’re working towards a world built on community-driven food systems; where people fuel local food production through sustainable, innovative solutions.


Individual, Community, City.

We’re inspiring cities to harness their strengths and play an active role in their local food ecosystem. Through work on individual, community, and city levels, we’re including everyone in our mission to cultivate urban epicenters that grow, distribute, and thrive off of their own food.


Power to the People

We may not all be farmers, or even work in the food industry for that matter. But we are all consumers of food, which means we deserve to know where our food comes from, how it was grown, and what paths it took to get to our plates. By making fresh, local, sustainably grown food available to individuals in our community, we’re giving them the choice to make more conscious decisions about their food.

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Food Brings Us Together

We’re strong believers in the power of local food, and its ability to “grow” and benefit a community. That’s why we focus on much more than just food production - we’re showing communities how food can impact us all and truly foster a healthy local economy, support small businesses, and act as the glue that helps us stick together. Through community programming, workforce development, skill-training, and education, we’re helping to create revenue streams and new opportunities for local organizations of all kinds.


When Food Grows,
Your City Grows

We have a strong understanding of the fact that every city is different. Communities have their own distinct needs and identities, and even have unique relationships with their food system. That’s why we’re working from the ground up to build long term, mutually beneficial relationships in cities according to their desires. By diving in and working directly with the community, its key players, and its organizations, we’re finding where we fit in your story.

Creating A Lasting Impact

There are so many ways that localized food production can impact individuals, communities, and cities. From workforce development, to skill-training, to therapy, to education – there are countless opportunities for growth through food.

Therapy and Skill Training:

We’ve impacted hundreds of individuals throughout the state and have provided new kinds soft-skill training and therapy.


By building classroom gardens and circulating our curriculum, we’ve provided a fantastic S.T.E.A.M. education experience to thousands of students!

Food Distribution:

Through our WeeklyHarvest CSA, Prepped Salads, and more, we’ve fed hundreds of families in our community and have helped to fight food insecurity.

Workforce Development:

We’re introducing a new and rapidly growing industry to communities – which means more local jobs and a stronger economy in your city.