5 Reasons for an Aquarium Conversion to Aquaponics

Andrew Ingalls, COO of Trifecta Ecosystems
Andrew Ingalls, COO of Trifecta Ecosystems

Hello again my fellow aquapioneers and aquarium enthusiasts.

Andrew Ingalls here.

Last time we asked, Is an Aquaponics System Right for Me?

After this post we got a lot feedback from aquarium enthusiasts and school teachers asking about an the aquarium conversion. Is it really that simple to make their fish tank into an home aquaponics system using the aFrame.

So I am here today to give you insights and benefits to using an aquaponics system over an aquarium.

An aquarium conversion turns your fish tank into an aquaponics garden!

That means…

No more filters or water changes

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, you heard it here first. Aquaponics removes any need to clean your tank water.  No more sloppy, stinky water changes!

We have found a way, using aquaponics, to harness the natural filtration system of the planet: a full loop ecosystem.

The fish poop and food all get sucked up through the pump, from there they are taken to the microbes and plant roots, where everything gets filtered out of the system.  

With every harvest you remove the excess root mass and add new plants to continue their growth cycle.

Makes eating healthy easy, convenient, and cheap to boot

Using LED’s and ZipGrow towers, FRESH Farm Aquaponics, Inc. is able to bring the customers exactly what they need: FRESH food, daily.

The aFrame is capable of producing over a pound of food a week for your family using a pair of 3′ ZipGrow towers!

The LEDS provide cool supplemental lighting

an aquarium conversion grows food with your fish tank!Plants need a very specific spectral range of solar radiation (read: light) in order to grow at their peak efficiency.  

This is called the photosynthetically active radiation, or PAR value. It represents the light that is actually absorbed by plants during photosynthesis.

That spectrum just happens to also be very pleasant for the human eyes. Think of a sunny day with clear skies and a sweet smell in the air. We did evolve together after all…

It’s a warm white hue that never leaves you with a headache like those office fluorescents do.

The flow of water is like your own meditation retreat zen palace

Have you ever noticed that besides making you have to pee, the sound of flowing water is really good at helping us relax.

Well, the Buddhist’s have been using water as one of their 10 Kasinas, or visual object of meditation, for thousands of years.

If you don’t believe me, just sit back and visualize a babbling brook or cascading waterfall…just make sure you use the bathroom first.

An aquaponics system brings inner peace to any area, whether its your living room, classroom, or office.

And as The Dude once told us all, “It really ties the room together.”

Aquaponics Big LebowskiThe aFrame may be a DIY PVC kit, but the gentle, laid-back design of the frame is attractive and relaxing in any environment.  

The tranquil sound of gurgling water falling through the ZipGrow towers makes you feel like you can actually hear the plants growing happily.  

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