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Looking for fresh, local Connecticut food you can trust can be difficult. Especially in our state where for more than 6 months out of the year the farmers are not growing food cause of the weather. Insert aquaponics, a revolutionary method of growing food that is allowing a subset of farmers in Connecticut to grow their own food year round. Thanks to aquaponics we can get local food year round that tastes even better than it looks!


WeeklyHarvest features the best produce in Connecticut every available every week, all year round. With WeeklyHarvest you get the farmers market experience without the hassle. We feature aquaponically grown produce from Trifecta Ecosystems and vegetables, fruits, and value-added products from Connecticut’s bestgrowers and producers. We always have the best of what’s in season, even in the winter!

WeeklyHarvest changes the way we interact with our food. Each week feature’s three recipe’s that are sure to delight and make sure you always know how to use what’s in that week’s harvest.  Eating healthy and supporting local has never been so simple and easy. Make the change today!

Why Aquaponics Food?

Aquaponics is a unique method of farming that marries the raising of fish with the raising of plants. The fish and plants interact with each other, the fish providing the nutrition for healthy abundant growth and the plants filter the water for the fish. This relationship prevents aquaponics food growers from using any chemical or petroleum-based fertilizers, hazardous pesticides and herbicides, and even organically approved pesticides. Using such products would affect the health of the fish.

With aquaponically grown food you always get clean, pure produce that’s healthy and tasty! Why eat food from unknown sources treated with unknown chemicals when aquaponically grown food is available year-round! It’s never out of season and it always comes with peace of mind.

Where To Get Our Food

Right now the best way to get our aquaponnically grown food is through the WeeklyHarvest program. WeeklyHarvest gives the best of what’s coming off the farm every week, all year round! WeeklyHarvest is available for weekly pickup in Meriden and Glastonbury. Pickups are Mondays 3:30PM-6:30PM EST. WeeklyHarvest is a monthly subscription program for farm fresh produce and goods from Connecticut’s top producers. It features aquaponically grown produce from Trifecta Ecosystems, allowing for farm fresh goodness all year-round! From our farms to your plates it doesn’t get any fresher than this.


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