Weekly Harvest 9/22/17

Happy Friday! Happy Fall!

Fortunately, the weather still feels like summer while the calendar tells us otherwise. As we close the week it looks like it’s going to be a great weekend to get outdoors, maybe visit a farm in a rural town for a hayride, some apple picking, and some hot cider. This week’s harvest includes updates on the CREC systems, tracking the progress of the first seedlings and the farm build, two new blogs, industry investment news and much more!

In This Harvest

1. Client Spotlight

aGrow Aquaponics Unit Fits in Any Size Classroom
aGrow Aquaponics Unit Fits in Any Size Classroom

We’ve begun testing the systems that will be installed next month at various CREC classrooms throughout the state. CREC schools depending on classroom size will receive our flagship aGrow or aGarden aquaponics systems. This aGrow (pictured) is designed for smaller classrooms as it only takes about 4 sqft of floor space. The aGarden is designed for larger classrooms like science rooms in high schools or common areas of a school for multi-class use. Both units feature vertical growing technology, an integrated sensor unit that backs up live data readings to the could and application on a smart-enabled device. They have automated light controls for energy efficient LED lights. Each one provides students a learning tool with the latest technology that will be the same used by commercial producers for the next decades. Aquaponics in the classroom not only provides a great interactive hands-on learning tool for STEM subject classes, it also gives students practical and relevant experience in a field that’s been named to be one of the top jobs of 2030 along with robot counselor and telesurgeon. Plus it provides a great life skill in knowing how to grow your own food. If you’d like to get a system for your school or classroom email us at info@trifectaecosystems.com for details.

2. Trifecta News

We’re officially growing!! Last weeks seeds have sprouted and these young plants will be ready for harvest a mere 5 weeks from now! After the months of hard-work that went into remodeling a space by hand and building out the commercial farm, it’s nice to see plants in the space, as small as they are. We’re back to doing what we enjoy the most out of all the things we get to do with our business. Growing healthy, clean fresh produce for our community all year round and using that to develop a community around eating has always been our proudest work. It’s nice to be growing again after such a long hiatus.

This week we also made headway on the plumbing of the airline and water lines for the plant grow beds. The airline is for airstones to be disbursed intermittently in the bed. These provide oxygen which the plants’ roots need to excel while completely submerged under water. The water lines will provide the flow from the biofilters to the grow beds and back to the sump tank before it heads into the fish tank.

3. Blog Updates

Aquaponics Guide – How To Go From Idea To Aquaponics System – Have you checked out our how-to guidebook on aquaponics? It’s perfect to help you out no matter what stage you are at in your aquapioneer journey. Whether you just have a novel idea floating around in your head or you’re years into your journey as an aquapioneer our interactive guide can help you find success at each stage. From how to design a system for your goals to the standard operating procedures we use on our farm to keep our systems at peak performance it’s all just a click away in our guide. If you haven’t grabbed your free copy yet you can access it here!

10 Cities leading the Urban Ag charge. #8 Will Surprise You – Urban farming is gaining popularity all across the country and the globe but these ten cities in the U.S. are leading the charge. They are providing the favorable laws, ordinances, and support infrastructure for their community gardens and startup farmers can succeed in an urban setting. We’ll look at what made each city successful and discuss what cities looking to create sustainable social impact through urban farms can do to create lasting positive impact.

4. Industry News

Ireland Strategic Investment Fund Invests €40million in Agtech – Ireland is the latest country committing to advance its country’s agtech industry. Ireland is looking to be the “AgTech Island” and provide the necessary support for startups and early-stage companies to commercialize into the European AgTech market. This investment will be split, €20 million will be used to focus on investing in Ireland’s domestic startups and research while the other will be used to invest in Agtech ventures not native to Ireland. This way Ireland will have a role in developing the nation globally while still supporting its home-based innovators.

AgTech Shark Tank “AgSharks” Will Launch in Las Vegas – AgSharks is a new pitch event based off the popular ABC show Shark Tank. As you probably guessed AgSharks will focus on startups in the AgTech industry and startups will compete in Vegas this October for up to $250,000 in equity investment. Full details including how to apply on the blog here.

5. Featured Product

With September coming to an end you have less than a month to get in on our FreshCSA Founder’s Share. This is the only way to get our delicious produce all fall and winter. If you want to end your year on the right foot our FreshCSA is the perfect way to do that with no effort. Pesticide Free, clean, healthy fresh food through the end of the year. Grab your Founder’s Share today before its too late!




Thanks for reading! It’s a busy world out there and we are extremely grateful for the attention and support we get from our readers week in and week out.

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