New London Loses Out on Aquaponics Project

New London Will No Longer Be Home to CT’s Newest Aquaponics Project

Unfortunately it looks like we won’t be getting any new aquaponics neighbors anytime soon. New London was next slated to be receiving an aquaponics system. The project was part of a proposal to bring a new hotel to New London’s Fort Trumbull peninsula.

The Fort Trumbull Peninsula in New London is no longer going to be home to an aquaponics farm.
The Fort Trumbull Peninsula in New London is no longer going to be home to an aquaponics farm.

The aquaponics farm was key to the hotel project moving forward. The state was requiring the Renaissance City Development Association (RCDA), the city’s development arm, to either have a valid relocation plan for the commercial fishing operation already on the peninsula or to maintain the proposed hotel property as a “water-depeendent use,” something mandated in the Fort Trumbull municipal development plan approved in 2000.

Originally the fishing operation was slated to be moved to the C.V. pier at the New London port near State Pier. However, due to lack of budget funds, the CT Port Authority has not been able to designate the needed capital for the necessary infrastructure improvements to move the New London Seafood operation.

New Lond Seafood moves more than 7 million pounds of seafood annually, and leased the land on the Fort Trumbull peninsula prior to the an eminent domain case taking the land. The RCDA now owns the land, but if they develop it they need to ensure New London Seafood either gets moved to an equally suitable location, or is incorporrated into the new use of the Fort Trumbull Peninsula. That was where the hopeful aquaponics farm would come in.

AquaFarms America proposed a commercial aquaponics project to support the project, but due to reorganization within the company they have now backed out of the deal.

New London Seafood is proposing an alternative project and RCDA is in talks with other potential devlopers for ideas.

For now at least, it seems like the aquaponics farm is off the table.

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