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Why Aquaponics Is The Perfect STEM Education Tool

Using aquaponics services to teach STEM education cannot be compared. Aquaponics in the classroom engages students, provides a learning tool for cross-cutting and multi-disciplinary learning, and grows in complexity throughout a students educational career. Aquaponics services for STEM education can provide teachers, administrators, and students with the framework they need to reach their goals. It also sets students up with an in-depth experience in a number of growing workforce fields.

How K-5 Students Use Aquaponics For STEM Education

“Aquaponics services in K-5 classrooms create a sense of awe and wonder within the classroom. Aquaponics puts a living ecosystem in the classroom, introduces students to early STEM Education concepts of life and biology and so much more. It gives students living pets that are easy to care for while instilling responsibility and caring in students. Aquaponics provides a foundation of a real-life example of many STEM subjects for students to build upon as they grow.”

How Middle School Students Use Aquaponics For STEM Education

Middle school students thrive with aquaponics services in the classroom. Middle-schoolers are often just starting to explore STEM education subjects like ecosystems, earth sciences, introductory biology, and chemistry, etc. It is also the age they start exploring observational skills, experiments and testing hypothesis, discover new technologies and much more. Aquaponics provides that engaging tool for all these subjects and allows students comprehend how these subjects relate to one another in the real world.

How High School Students Use Aquaponics For STEM Education

High School is where classroom or schoolwide aquaponics services get taken to the next level. Now students are diving deep into STEM subjects like biology, chemistry, physics, life sciences, math, engineering, technology and much more. High schoolers can use aquaponics to go in-depth with these subjects while also learning transferable skills that are sought after in numerous growing fields.

How Universities Are Use Aquaponics For STEM Field Specific Education

For those who find a deep passion and interest for aquaponics and related fields, they can take that to the next level with a focused study at university level. Aquaponics in universities can be used to help students further their knowledge and prepare them for careers in commercial aquaponics and hydroponics, urban farming, warehouse farming, controlled environment agriculture, aquaculture, entrepreneurship and much more. Aquaponics studies are being added to University programs around the globe as it’s one of the fastest growing new industries. Students who have a University education in Aquaponics put themselves far ahead of the vast majority of those looking to work in this emerging field.

Our Case Studies

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Get Aquaponics In Your School

Trifecta Ecosystems has been perfecting the systems, services, and STEM education programming that make aquaponics a success in classrooms of any grade or experience level. We have the knowledge, know-how, curriculum and lesson plans you’ll need to make your program a success. If you think you’d like to explore using aquaponics in your school or classroom, simply click the button below and we’ll reach out to learn more about your goals and see if aquaponics is a good fit for you!