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Types of Aquaponics Services and Programs

Aquaponics is a tool with limitless potential. Not only is it a great way to grow an abundant amount of food anywhere you have power and water, but it’s also a great tool to utilize for services and programs within a number of different industries. For the past 5 years, we’ve been using aquaponics services as a way to enhance classroom learning and STEM education through in-class aquaponics systems. We’ve also been using aquaponics as a tool for workforce and personal skill development with intellectually and developmentally disabled communities around the state.

Aquaponics poses unique potential for engaging, multi-disciplinary guidance for a number of different groups and organizations. We’ve seen aquaponics work as an economic development tool for towns, communities, and cities, and as a civic engagement tool for non-profits and community-oriented organizations. To learn more about how to use aquaponics services to reach your goals, click below to learn more or fill out our aquaponics services inquiry form at the bottom of the page.

Educational Programs

Aquaponics is the most multi-disciplinary learning tool since the computer entered the classroom. Aquaponics services for education offer and engaging tool that can be used to teach a myriad of subjects to students of any age. Aquaponics is a tool that can grow with the students, allowing students to utilize a common point of reference for subjects as they delve deeper into subject areas as their educational careers mature. Click below to learn more about how easy it is to use aquaponics as an educational tool for your school or classroom.

Aquaponics Services for I/DD Programs

Aquaponics services and programs are custom tailored to the challenges of finding engaging activities for Intellectually / Developmentally Disabled individuals. Aquaponics services provide an engaging and therapeutic program that offers I/DD providers the tool they need for soft-skill development and empowerment. By growing food using aquaponics services, there is a tailor-made way to engage your organization and clients with the local community and give your individuals a sense of pride as a contributor and food provider for local residents. To learn more about aquaponics services for the I/DD field click below.

Aquaponics Services and Case Studies

We’ve been implementing Aquaponics Services and Programs throughout the state and have years of successful programming under our belt with dozens of local businesses, schools, and non-profits. If you’re curious how aquaponics services and programs can help your institution reach their goals, check out our case studies to see how similar projects are currently working. Click below to see our aquaponics services and programs in action.

Want To Learn More About Our Aquaponics Services?

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