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What Is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is an exciting method of farming that is growing into a mainstream farming technique for greenhouse, urban, and controlled environment agriculture. Aquaponics marries the farming of fish, plants, and beneficial micro-organisms in a self-contained ecosystem. Aquaponics allows producers to produce fresh, healthy fish protein and abundant produce all on the same land, year-round.

Whether you are looking to grow at home or you want to become a producer for your community, check out Aquaponics 101 to find all the aquaponics education, tools, and resources you need to get growing!

How To Start Aquaponics

With the concepts of taking care of fish, plants, and microbes all at once, starting aquaponics can seem a bit overwhelming. We’ve been there ourselves as individuals with no experience farming, to becoming commercial aquaponic farmers. We know first hand the questions you’ll have when getting started.

Based on our own experiences, we’ve developed the perfect guide to take you through the process of planning, building, and maintaining your system. This interactive PDF is sure to be an invaluable resource at any stage of your aquaponics journey. Click the link below to download your free start here guide and get growing to your fullest potential today!

Everything You Need To Know, All In One Place

When trying to learn about aquaponics, one of the hardest things is finding quality information you can trust all in one place. We’ve been farming commercially for over 5 years and as a team have more than 25 years of aquaponics experience under our belt. We’ve been around the aquaponic block once or twice, and we are constantly building on our knowledge and expertise.

Check out our aquaponics tools and resources page to get the straightforward guides, lessons, and resources you need to create aquaponics abundance from any starting point.

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