Farming For Our Future

We support all forms of agriculture, but believe the most sustainable method for today’s challenges is an ancient technique called aquaponics. Aquaponics is slowly but surely making its name as one of the most powerful and widely accessible farming methods, but there is still a lot to be learned (and taught) about this innovative, sustainable process.

Aquaponics: The Future of Food

Aquaponics is an exciting method of farming that is growing into a mainstream technique for greenhouse, urban, and controlled environment agriculture. Aquaponics marries the farming of fish, plants, and beneficial bacteria in a self-contained ecosystem. This sustainable farming method allows producers to produce fresh, healthy fish protein and abundant produce all on the same land, year-round.

We love our plants...and our fish!

In following our mission to create the City that Feeds Itself and build local, sustainable, and profitable community-owned food systems, we’ve chosen the farming method we believe is truly changing agriculture.

Aquaponics is much more than just sustainable - in fact, it removes basically all environmental, economical, and location-based issues that arise time and time again in traditional farming.

It even proves to be more environmentally-friendly than hydroponics (the farming method you’ve probably heard about a lot lately), as aquaponics goes through only 10% of the water that hydroponics and traditional farming does.

Some other reasons we love aquaponics:

water conserved as compared to traditional farming

faster growth than traditional farming, 2x faster than hydroponics

less space needed for farming

Indoor and outdoor, year round growing

No chemicals, pesticides, or additives

less susceptible to crop loss

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