Meriden Sprout Food Hub 1 – Project Update 3

Ain’t no party like a grinder party ‘cause a grinder party don’t stop.

The main task this past month was getting the floors ready to be epoxied. This involved our first time using a floor grinder. That tool does not mess around as it put our upper body strength to the test every time we started it. The grinder’s purpose is essentially to scratch the floor surface to create more friction for the adhesive to stick too. To do so the machine needs to be hitting a wet surface and leaves fun wet concrete sand in its wake. That concrete sand burned out one wet vac in 3 days time and we had to switch up the cleanup strategy.

Grinding Wet Floors
Prepping the floors for grinding.

We ended up finding a tenant in the building that cleans floors and had just the equipment for such a job. He gave us a smashing deal on cleaning our floors and saved us a lot of time and likely some more wet vacs.

With the floors cleaned, we can now begin the epoxy process the last step before we can begin the farm build out!!!

No farm no foul?

We did not hit our internal stretch goal of getting water running by the end of May. A few setbacks with contractors and equipment will do that and considering it is our first build-out of this scale overall we’re very happy with our progress. We will definitely have water running by the end of this month which is what we actually were planning for.

In fact, in our typical fashion of expecting the best but planning for the worst, we are prepared if the farm didn’t open until the end of July. So we still stand in a very good place and should hopefully have our first harvest at the end of July instead.

Farm Shot
Shot of space with grow beds outlined

We end May in a good place with the start of the farm build out looking like it will begin the end of the first week of June and should take about two-three weeks before the first plants are in!

As always you can follow along behind the scenes on Facebook and Instagram. And if you want to enjoy the produce that comes from this farm, make sure to join the FreshCSA waitlist to reserve a spot!

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