Backyard Aquaponics in Glastonbury, Connecticut

Project Description

338 Foote AquaponicsFresh out of college and having spent the last year experimenting with small rubbermaid systems, Trifecta founders Kieran Foran and Spencer Curry headed back to their home town of Glastonbury, Connecticut.  They already knew aquaponics was destined to be their full-time job…but where should they start?

Like all good Millennials, they headed to the Internet for inspiration. Unfortunately, they were surprised to find a complete lack of centralized knowledge in aquaponics. Their first major answers came from the Aquaponic Association’s 2nd annual conference. “It was an amazing time connecting with other like minded people and staying up late talking the specifics of aquaponics and all the coolest, latest techniques.”  Most importantly, they left with a DVD series from aquaponics system designer Murray Hallam. This would be the basis for their indoctrination into the world of system design and commercial aquaponics.

They knew they wanted to continue on their trend of feeding themselves full time, so they used Spencer’s backyard and their recent education from Murray and the Association as the testing grounds for their new IBC media bed system.  But like any budding Aquapoineer, they quickly realized two things : [1] Murphy’s Law is real and [2] stick to tested designs.

However, regardless of the size of hill…they climbed it…and man did they succeed. These beds would soon turn into a jungle of plant life. Their experimentation never stopped. Kieran and Spencer were able to grow everything from hops to ginger to jasmine tea trees….that’s right, I said TREE.

From there, the business only grew. “The abundance of our gardens surprised even us and we began to sell to our family, friends and neighbors. By that winter we had our first winter CSA program. It was small but it worked! We delivered between one and three types of herbs every week to seven families in our community.”

Soon they wouldn’t be able to keep up with their expanding clientele and they needed to expand to a second, location at Robb’s Farm and Ice Cream Shoppe. This is where FRESH Farm Aquaponics, Inc. (now Trifecta Ecosystems, Inc) was born.

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