CREC Two Rivers Magnet High School

Students at  CREC Two Rivers Magnet High School (CREC TRMHS herein) learn to be a “force for nature” through participation in dynamic and engaging science and engineering courses within their environmental sciences program.

Student learning is enriched with a STEM foundation that supports the environmental science themes through classes such as Environmental Forensics, Freshwater Ecology, Geographic Information Systems, Hydroponics, Robotics, Coding, Marine Biology and Alternative Energy Resources.

From it’s inception CREC TWMHS has focused on fostering the classroom experience through hands on learning via in and out of the classroom experience. Lauren Amaturo approached us after learning about a few of our projects with other CREC schools. She was already using aquaponics, and rooftop raised bed gardens to enhance her learning experience but wanted to take it a step further with aquaponics.

As with any school client, there is a lot that needs to take place behind the scenes before an install can begin. Lauren was our champion for the school helping us work with her administrators to find a system that would exceed Lauren’s programming goals on a budget that they could approve.

The result was well worth the wait! CREC TWMHS, Lauren and her students will be working with an aGarden aquaponics system. This design features 8 Zipgrow towers, a 330 gallon fish tank, filters, High Efficiency and High Output LEDs, and an integrated timer for her lights.


This system is using the latest in Controlled Environment Agriculture technology and will provide her students with valuable hands on experience in this burgeoning field. As a Green Ribbon School recipient CREC TWMHS has always been a progressive STEM education leader with unique programs and multidisciplinary learning. Lauren and her colleagues continue to trailblaze and we’ll follow them along on their journey as they fill out and experiment with their aGarden aquaponics system! Without a doubt Lauren is fostering a generation of students destined to a “force for nature” throughout their entire lives wherever their path may lead to.

Trifecta Vertical Aquaponics aGarden

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