CREC Project Update

CREC Schools Receive 5 New Aquaponics Systems This Week With 5 More On Their Way

This past week we’ve been installing our aGarden aquaponics systems in CREC high schools all across the state. We installed 5 of theses systems over the past two weeks. We installed two at CREC ASI in New Britain. This brings that schools total up to three systems that are being used in science classrooms now in grades 6-12.

We installed another aGarden system and the CREC Metropolitan Learning Center in bloomfield. There system is in a common area in the wing that houses their science classrooms. It will be used by multiple teachers and classrooms for students again grades 6-12.

We also installed an aGarden at CREC Academy of Aerospace and Engineering High School. CREC also has an elementary school centered around aerospace and engineering that has a small aquaponics system of ours as well. Students in this program will benefit from having aquaponics as a learning tool throughout their student careers creating a common point for learning as subject matter gets more and more in-depth.

Finally we installed a system at the CREC Public Safety Academy in Enfield.

We are finishing the week with getting the systems filled up with water to begin the process of cycling the systems. Next week we will be bringing in the fish, and then once cycled we will be bringing in plants as well.

In addition, next week we will also be installing our aGrow systems in another 5 classrooms across various CREC schools. Our aGrow system is the smallest in class system we offer and is perfect for grades K-8. Its the perfect way to introduce aquaponics into the classroom, garner excitement from the students and provide the teacher with a platform and a tool to teach many cross-cutting concepts with an approachable example right in the classroom.

Interested In Aquaponics For Your Own School?

You are in luck! This month we are hosting free workshops for educators and administrators who think they’d like to have aquaponics in their classrooms or schools. This workshop will be held at our commercial farm and allow attendees to interact with the systems in person. We’ll also cover funding opportunities from for your project and a few lesson ideas that have been successful at various schools and grade levels.

If you are interested in joining one of our FREE workshops you can sign up here.


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