Backyard Aquaponics at Thompson Street Farm

Project Description

Brenda Thompson St.Brenda was our first client ever! So naturally, she has a real special place in our hearts. At the time we met Brenda she was the founder and market-master for our local Farmer’s Market. Brenda had been introduced to farming a few years prior due to the necessity of her daughter’s disabilities. Brenda quickly learned that growing her own food for her daughter was a great way to help her stay healthy and negate some of the side effects of her condition.

We met Brenda about 5 years into her journey as a SPIN farmer (Small Plot INtensive) with her business Thompson Street Farm. She was already farming with techniques to maximize space and minimize inputs and when she learned about aquaponics she was instantly hooked! She contacted Trifecta to schedule tours of our facilities at Robb’s Farm and 338 Foote Road. After that, she had to have one of her own.

We worked with her to determine her goals; what she was looking to grow for personal use; what she was looking to grow for market; and what she could afford to pay. Since she was our first client, we offered to design and build her system for free, she just had to cover the materials. This was one of the best decisions we ever made because it allowed her to get a system that met her goals in a price range she could afford as well as provide us a client we could point to. Upon her initial success we now had a testimonial we could use when trying to acquire new clients.

We settled on designing her a bespoke system that was a hybrid of two techniques. We integrated media beds and DWC beds together in a way that fit inside the layout of her greenhouse and allowed her to grow everything she wanted to grow year-round. With the knowledge we gained from our previous system builds, we were able to produce a working system for Brenda, that is operational to this day. Our systems sure are prettier now, but you always remember your first.  

We thank Brenda for always being our number one supporter and our success today is attributed to people like her and Robb who were willing to take a chance on us and our crazy aquaponics idea.

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