Our Newest Aquaponic Project

We’re Back!!!

We are currently building a new aquaponic garden for another local farmer, because why should we hog all the aquaponic fun?

Brenda Sullivan of Thompson Street Farm will soon be enjoying the abundant bounty of her very own hybrid-style aquaponic garden.

What is a hybrid aquaponic garden you ask?  Well, we take the two styles of aquaponics that we like the most, media bed and raft bed, and combine them!   There are many benefits to this hybridization.  Follow along as we go over them all with you during the course of the construction.  Here are the first few videos of the construction process!

Intro to the hybrid system:

Walk through leveling the site with Spencer:

Spencer takes us through the steps towards organic pest protection:

Building trough bed walls with Spencer:

Spencer shows the completed trough bed frame:

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