Weekly Harvest 9/15/17

Happy Friday

We’re blazing through September and while fall is still a week away the pumpkin spice is floating through the air and the first of the leaves are starting to change. Our days are getting shorter and for those of us growing outside or in greenhouses we are starting to see the plants slow down their growth. Yet thanks to aquaponics both our real and facetious harvests are chock full!

In This Week’s Harvest:

1. Client Updates

This week we got our first manufactured parts for our systems that will be going into CREC schools this fall. This was based on a prototype we’ve been testing for the past year. The manufacturer cuts the all the components based off that design which will allow us to put them together like a kit. Think an IKEA furniture without the crazy instructions, we’ll put them all together for them. This will allow us to eventually scale this product and ship it around the world. Unfortunately no images yet, we’ll be making a few tweaks before that point and don’t want any images of the non-finalized product out there.

2. Company Updates

FIRST SEEDS PLANTED!!!!! The big news is we are finally growing our first crop of plants at the Sprout Food Hub. We also took our first fish out of quarantine and added them to the pilot farm. We’re underway and our first harvest should start at the end of October. We’ll get a few under our belt before FreshCSA shares start in November!

3. Blog Updates

Overview: How To Start Seeds For Aquaponics Systems – Starting seeds for your aquaponics system is the most important thing for abundant growth. A strong healthy seedling will thrive and continue to mature as a strong healthy plant in a cycled aquaponics system. Weak seedlings will struggle to recover and take longer to grow to maturity. To set yourself up for success follow our guide to ensure you get the strong seedlings you need and grow to your fullest potential.

Why Food Security Is The Best Investment Opportunity Of The Decade: Post 6 Examining Successes In The Industry – This week we close our series on the strength of opportunities in the Food Security industries for investors. We take a look at successful investments and what the indicators of strength were within each company that led to investment. It’s a great post for investors but also for start-ups to see what they need to look strong for investors.

4. Industry News

Mexico Invests $4.1 Million in Local Agtech Funds – Mexico is the latest country to make a commitment to growing its AgTech industry. Mexico is putting aside this money for three agricultural venture funds to support commercialization efforts of products and technologies its startups and researchers are developing.

BrightFarms Series C Raises $30million: Secret is in the business model – Bright Farms just closed $30 million in series C funding. The company has expressed that their business model, which utilizes long-term purchase agreements to ensure sales before building farms, as the key to their ability to get multiple rounds of investment.

Featured Product

FreshCSA Founders Share – There is only a month left for you to get in on the FreshCSA founder’s share. This is the only way to get our delicious produce all fall and winter. If you want to end your year on the right foot our FreshCSA is the perfect way to do that with no effort.

Thanks for reading! It’s a busy world out there and we are extremely grateful for the attention and support we get from our readers week in and week out

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