Weekly Harvest 9/1/2017

Happy Friday!!

We’re already into September and it seems like the summer is slipping away. The daylight is growing shorter, the gardens are starting to slow and the turn of the seasons is upon us before we know it. If you miss the bounty of the summer during the off-seasons maybe this fall is the perfect time for you to start growing year round with aquaponics. Thankfully our farm is about to start producing and we have no intention of letting a little thing like fall and winter stand in our way of producing produce year round!

In This Weeks Harvest:

1. Client Updates

This week we worked on finalizing our new high school STEM based curriculum centering around aquaponics. We are developing this curriculum in partnership with the CREC school systems who will be receiving aquaponics systems to all their high schools this fall. We will be partnering with them to distribute this curriculum to other schools around the state and country. Over the next year, we will be working with them to expand the curriculum to be a full K-12 curriculum and are designing it so teachers can use it with our without an in-class aquaponics system. If you are interested in getting this for your classroom simply reply to this email and we can give you the details on how to take your classroom learning experience to the next level!

2. Company Updates

This week we started finished off the plumbing to the aquaculture system and began filling up our tanks and started the process of cycling the system. In addition, we finished all our rafts that will hold our plants in the DWC beds and started building the frames for the DWC beds where our plants will grow. We hope to have the DWC beds finished this weekend and get water flowing through the whole system by Monday! We’re closing in on the final steps to before we start growing and it’s exciting to see the system finally come together after all the hard work and planning that went into our new space. Check out the images below and be sure you are following our Facebook and Instagram accounts to see behind the scenes of the final stages as we finish our build out.

3. Blog Updates

Tuesday’s blog continued our series on how investing in food security is one of the best investment opportunities of this century. This week we looked at industry growth in controlled environment agriculture as well as the local and organic food industry’s to see what the next few decades hold in terms of opportunities for producers and investors. We discovered that not only is the controlled environment agriculture industry experiencing unprecedented growth, the organic and local food demand has been skyrocketing the past few decades and is eclipsing the growth of new local producers. This presents a winning formula for both existing and new coming producers, as markets across the globe are seeing demand for produce above the current supply. In addition, there is no saturation of the market in sight in sight which will be good for investors wary that investing in scaling companies might impact potential returns.

Thursday’s blog was centered around starting up your aquaponics system and specifically gave three methods for how to cycle it so the fish and plants work together right from the start. Cycling is what allows your fish waste to get converted into nutrients for your plant. Without proper cycling, you just have yucky water that isn’t good for your plants or your fish. Check out our cycling post for the best ways to cycle your aquaponics system. 

4. Industry Updates

Want To Ride A Farm To Work? Well thanks to a new design from South Korea, they created a bike share that is a mobile hydroponics farm. It’s definitely a you gotta see it to believe it. This takes the idea of green commuting to a whole new level. Check out this post for pics of the Bike Share Farm. 

In other news, 3Bar is the most recent company in the industry to get investment. It seems like every week we are seeing a new company secure funding so investors are definitely catching on to the potential for investment returns in this industry. 3Bar raised two million in a seed round. They are working on products that create a better microbial environment for plants to increase growth rates.

5. Featured Products

This week we have a special on our FreshCSA thanks to our new neighbors at Silver City Barbell. This week until midnight Monday 9/4 if you buy a FreshCSA through this link you will get a free month membership at Silver City Barbell. It’s the perfect way to end your year right with a gym membership and fresh greens through December. Click here to grab a share with a free months gym membership to Silver City Barbell in Meriden. 


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