Top 5 Aquaponics Facebook Groups For Beginners

Top 5 Aquaponics Facebook Groups

Aquaponics Anonymous Facebook Group

This is my favorite group for beginners. It’s not as big as some of the other groups but this group is really focused on helping people start their journey and has a robust group of dedicated professionals like ourselves that frequent the group and answer as many questions as we can. It’s got members from all over the world but is small enough that your posts and questions don’t get lost in the shuffle like in some of the other groups. If I was starting my journey into AP this is where I would go to get my questions answered and find people and resources to help me on my way.

True Aquaponics Facebook Group

This group is a great group for general reference but where this group shines is helping people identify nutrient deficiencies, disease, and pests. It’s run by Roger Terri of True Aquaponics and what started as a way to help people meet their nutrient needs has blossomed into a great group of specialized knowledge to help you with your nutrient management. This is especially crucial if you are thinking about selling your aquaponics produce as looks will be a big factor in setting you apart form the competition and getting a premium for your product. No one wants yellow lettuce and if you’re unsure what causes yellow lettuce well then this group is perfect for you.

CT Aquaponics Facebook Group

This is admittedly a bit self-promotional since we co-started this group with Will Heher of Sweetlife Farms but we have a large following in CT and CT has many unique challenges. So if you are interested in aquaponics and are in CT (or close by) we can help you navigate the challenges of growing in a New England climate. We’re a mix of professionals and hobbyists and we’ve become a tight-knit group focused on support and sharing the mistakes and challenges of growing year round here. It’s a great group because it’s small so you get quick responses and we all get to know each other so you get support without all the noise of the other groups. This group is private, email me at for an invite!

Aquaponics In Education Facebook Group

This group is perfect for those looking to use aquaponics as an education tool. The group is filled with educators, hobbyists and professionals so you can get a wide range of opinions and insights into how to use aquaponics for classroom learning. No matter what level of education there will be examples for you to see aquaponics in action in that level of learning environment. From collegiate research system to kindergarten desktop systems and everything in between. It’s a great place to get ideas for systems, lesson plans, experiments, support/troubleshooting and much more.

Aquaponics Professionals Facebook Group

This is a secret group so you won’t find it by searching on Facebook for it. You will also need an invite from a known member in order to join. This group is very valuable though as professionals, aka commercial growers, from all over the world are sharing knowledge of what is and isn’t working on their aquaponics farms. If you are thinking commercial or are growing commercially this is where you can ask the very in-depth questions and get very qualified answers.


There’s dozens and dozens of Facebook groups out there with more popping up every day. These are my favorites as they are centered around a sharing of knowledge and ideas. The great thing about the aquaponics community is we all have started from 0 with little to no experience and can understand how daunting and overwhelming that can be. We all share the goal of spreading aquaponics because we are insanely passionate about it and want as many people as possible to get in on the amazing experience that is growing your own food, year-round with relative ease. So if you’re thinking about starting your journey, want help going from hobbyist to expert, or need some specialized knowledge to get a bit more out of your system, one of these 5 groups will be perfect for you!

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