So You Want to get into Aquaponic Gardening…

What can aquaponic gardening do for you?

You can do incredible things for the world by growing aquaponically. You can help to spread sustainable agriculture and to feed the world’s hungry. Bu,t aquaponics is more than green technology or a policy to promote sustainable food systems. Producing your own food is a transformational experience. Gardening can bring you closer to nature and provide you with relief from the rush of modern life. Our mission at FRESH Farm is to share our experience with you. Here’s what some of our staff at FRESH Farm have to say about why they do what they do.

” It’s become an avenue that I can stretch my brain. My day job becomes very monotonous at times, whereas the amount of unknown science that is associated with aquaponics is mind-blowing. I love being a part of that research and development.”


aquaponic gardening at a farm stand
Kieren at the Farmers Market
“It’s the first hobby aside from sports growing up that I have a legitimate passion for I actively want to learn more and can see myself learning more  about aquaponic gardening for the rest of my life. In fact, I became so passionate about it that I have literally built my life around being able to do aquaponics day in and day out.
It provided an alternative to the conventional 9-5 desk job and likely saved years of misery in my life. Had I continued along the path I started in college (to become a lawyer) I’d be stuck under flourescents all hours of the day reading cases and briefs that i had no interest or passion for. So it’s saved me from making a huge mistake with the direction of my life.
Beyond that I’ve seen aquaponic gardening inspire others to start taking control of their lives as well, learning about nutrition, diet and how aquaponics can be an easy, fun and fulfilling way to provide for yourself and others.
I’ve seen others catch the bug and change their lives as well. It’s my hope to take this passion and spread it to as many people as possible to empower their own lives and make better decisions with their health and happiness. I think Aquaponics is the perfect tool for that. “


Trifecta Aquaponics“The view from 60,000 feet above is that aquaponics represents a major tool in our journey towards food security.  Aquaponic gardening allows anyone to grow top-quality food, including protein and produce.  Aquaponics is the perfect solution for skyrocketing urban population and dwindling water, topsoil, and farms.
But on a more personal level, aquaponics to me means a lifestyle of abundance and liberation.  I started aquaponics in a cramped apartment room, and very quickly moved to feeding myself in a small backyard system.  It was an unintentional side effect that I produced so much that I could give it away and later sell it to my family, friends, neighbors and community.  
The abundance created by aquaponics is staggering. It comes my day to day life in many surprising ways.  In fact, it was so influential that I have been able to create a full time career out of my experience with aquaponic gardening.  I can safely say that more than anything else, aquaponics has effected my life for the better.”

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