Aquaponics Guide: How To Go From Idea to Aquaponics Abundance

Aquaponics Guide


How To Go From Idea To Aquaponics System

Have you checked out our how-to guide? It’s an interactive pdf that walks you through how to go from the idea of an aquaponics system all the way through the building and running that system. It’s the way to take your goals and visions of food security and abundance and make them a reality. To get our guide enter your email below for a download link.

Our guide will walk you through how to go about designing and building a system for your goals. Whether that goal is for food, for profit, for the year round therapeutic benefits of gardening, for enhancing learning, for job or personal skill development or for science and research we can walk you through how to plan a system that meets your unique end goals.

Once you download our guide, you’ll see that each icon, graphic and section is interactive. You can click your way through the guide to get more info on the relevant subject. So for example, if you’re looking at our guide for the first time, you would want to start in the goal setting section up top and click the icon that answers the question “Why are you doing this?”. If it’s to grow food click the carrot, if it’s for money click the $, for education click the book, etc.

Each icon will bring you to a page dedicated to helping you plan for a system with that end goal in mind. Have multiple goals in mind, then click on more than one section.

Once you know how to plan for your end goal will walk you through how to determine where your system should go and how big it needs to be to meet your end goals. So if you wanted a big greenhouse system to go commercial you would click the greenhouse icon and the three people icon to learn how to plan a greenhouse system that’s feeding a lot of people. Versus if you just wanted a small indoor system for yourself you would click the home icon and then the one person icon to learn how to plan a small system in your home.

After you’ve determined where to put your system, how big to build it we’ll show you how to care for your system. Our fish, plants and microbes icons will lead you to all the info you need to know about each to keep them happy, healthy and growing to their fullest potential.

We also have our SOPs or standard operating procedures for specifics like pest management, nutrient supplementation, and all other aspects of system maintenance. These are the same SOPs we use on our farms, so you know they are tested and proven practices that will guide you on your path to success.

All you need to get started on your aquaponics journey is just a click away with our start-up guide. If you haven’t already, enter your email below and get a start on your journey today!

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