Our Passion:

Why are we doing this?

We’re passionate about shifting the current food paradigm. In our experience, trying to eat healthy, clean, and sustainably grown food is almost impossible. Especially with the current food system. Therefore, we will need large changes to the status quo of food production, processing and distribution.

Obesity and other diet related issues continue to claim lives. We know we are not alone in our desire for a healthier food system. This is what lead us to aquaponics in the first place. Spencer and Kieran discovered aquaponics while trying to change their own awful eating habits. Lets just say most days were fueled by late night pizzas and also early morning pizzas. We knew what we had been doing was not working. As Einstein famously said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. We knew, if we wanted to change our results, we’d have to shift our actions.

Our Drive

As a result, we came to the realization that we need to grow our own food. It’s the one and only way to be certain that the food we consumed met our standards. Neither of us wanted to consume foods laden with pesticides, treated with chemicals for preservation, stored and shipped for weeks, or grown with petroleum based fertilizers. At this point, we also knew that aquaponics had been used to power some of the world’s greatest civilizations. It was used by the ancient Aztec and Toltec, to the Chinese, and even the famed Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Check out Spencer’s article on this, Has Aquaponics Driven the Most Powerful Nations in Human History? for more.

Now after years on the farm, in the classroom, and on YouTube, we can’t keep it to ourselves any longer! It’s our heart’s desire to do everything we can to bring this incredible technology back into the use of humankind. To create the City that Feeds ItselfTM.

BARC Aquaponics

What are our Goals?

We identified three main goals towards our focus of building a sustainable local food ecosystem. First, Create Incentives to encourage people to make the change in their lives. Second, Make it Easy by removing all the barriers to entry that we can. Third, Raise Awareness about aquaponics and food education to the point that we are all literate in these technologies.

We want to nurture the seed of aquaponics in the global consciousness. We designed our Company’s activities with these three main goals in mind.

Create Incentives

  • Top-quality produce available and at competitive prices.
  • Engagement based-learning for students.
  • Therapeutic engagement for clients and their patients.
  • On-the-job training for community members.
  • Low labor and low cost system design.
  • Referral programs to spread aquaponics quickly through communities.
  • Savings year over year on your groceries.
  • Assurity in the quality of the food you consume.
  • Connect cities, schools, and communities to work together.

Making it Easy

  • Local Access via CSA, farmers markets, and on farm sales.
  • No experience necessary. We’ll design, build and maintain systems for schools, businesses, and nonprofits.
  • Drive down the cost of technology through Research and Development.
  • Sensors and controllers allow you to farm from your phone and alert you to any surprise issues.
  • Educational outreach with schools and community events. Grow a new generation of Aquapioneers and Food Ecosystem Advocates in classrooms around the country.
  • Tools, resources and guides for the solo aquapioneer to have success at every stage. No more guesswork, no more costly mistakes.
  • Social slack network devoted to helping others find success with aquaponics.

Raising Awareness

  • Workshops, tours, and public presentations help bring aquaponics into the community at a grassroots level.
  • A focus on research creates strong ties to the scientific community, bolstering the legitimacy of aquaponics as an industry.
  • Spreading the word via writing, videos, and evergreen content through social and industry publications.
  • Reinstate the importance of food and sustainable food production for our population and our planet.
  • Aquaponics in schools.
    • New Generations of Aquapioneers are waiting in classrooms across the world.
    • Aquaponics is a cross-disciplinary learning platform. This enables teachers to better engage students. It also succeeds in meeting their goals for STEM, NGSS, and Common Core curricula.
Students from Jane Callery’s class love their aquaponics system.

We believe the features we’ve assembled represent an incredibly valuable offer for any community. Trifecta Ecosystems exists to grow robust local food ecosystems. We aim to empower this growth with aquaponics and YOU, the aquapioneer. Let’s usher in the time of Food 4.0 together! We’ve already seen aquaponics positively change so many lives. We are driven to reach even more people. When it comes down to it, our passion is truly about seeing aquaponics everywhere. Our goals will best enable us and others to make a difference and have an impact in our communities. From the start we’ve felt that If we can do then anyone can do it. No experience necessary!

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