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One of Jane’s students learns about the media beds of their classroom aquaponics system.

We can’t create the City that Feeds Itself TM alone. We are young and bold. Still it’s naive to think four guys can set out and change the world by themselves. That is why we focus our energy towards our goals. We strive towards creating incentives, raising awareness, and making it easy for a new wave of farmers to start growing.

Trifecta Ecosystems is devoted to providing these “hidden farmers” with the technology and skills they need to provide education, job training, and therapy. They’ll provide these all while growing local and affordable food for their communities. These groups all benefit from farming. However, to date they have lacked the technology and knowledge to pull it off. We are here to end that shortfall. That’s why we focus on these previously “hidden farmers” and we supply them with skills to feed themselves and their communities.

How do we intend to do this? How can we provide a world with high technology and the education to use it? It’s simple really. First of all, we focus all our efforts on providing affordable and quality tools and resources that make it easy to start or expand growing. Then comes a focus on raising awareness via education and showcases about where to find the best food grown locally. Highlight incentives to growing your own food or sourcing it locally. That’s how we can begin. Finally, we end after creating a world where transparent local food economy is the norm. Any other world would be some bizarre dream world.

We don’t expect everyone to want to grow. Still just about everyone would eat healthier if it was convenient, less expensive, and tasted better. By growing food ourselves we start encouraging others to grow. This enables consumers to find better produce. Now increasingly we can shift away from the current food paradigm and shift back to local food ecosystems.

Where do you even start with such a lofty vision? Well, at home of course. We’re starting in Meriden, with our quest to create the City that Feeds Itself™. We’re dedicated to advancing the industry through scientific research and using it to grow efficiently in an urban environment. We want to prove to others that it is feasible.  Not only is it feasible it is also economically viable to start farming.

We’ll also be educating others about how they can grow their own food with aquaponics. We want to inspire a new generation. Inspire them to think about food differently. Give them the knowledge base to tackle food problems head-on with innovative and sustainable solutions. Therefore, we focus a lot of energy on bringing aquaponics to classrooms around the state. Students have the ability to use it as a learning tool for growing food, and for learning science, technology, engineering, math, and much more!

We aim to unlock potential farmers by working with organizations looking to connect with their community. Food is the oldest way to gather people together. Aquaponics is also proving to be a fantastic way to bring the community out to our partner organizations. In addition, we help them use aquaponics for their internal goals of professional development, therapy, rehabilitation, and education. By helping these organizations, we in turn unlock new farmers helping us with our goal of increasing localized production.

stem aquaponics education

Together, we can work together and create communities and neighborhoods that can feed themselves. We will continue to build traction and gain exposure. In doing so. we hope to inspire more to make the change thereby creating the City that  Feeds Itself™.

Are you feeling inspired? Want learn more about how you can grow your own food or find locally sourced food? You can either contact us, join our email list, and or start right now with our start here guide.


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