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Team Members

Spencer Curry

Spencer Curry

Founder, CEO
As a double major in philosophy and latin, I was intent on becoming a teacher. Although my path has shifted since then, I still consider my primary objective to be teaching. It is my hope that we can help inspire and teach other aquapioneers to begin the journey of feeding themselves and their communities too.
Kieran Foran

Kieran Foran

Founder, CMO
I love sharing my knowledge and experience with others, so they can experience the same well being in their own lives. That’s why I love being the Chief Marketing Officer, I think everyday about ways to inspire others to try aquaponics and provide them with the resources and knowledge they need to be successful.
Eric Francis

Eric Francis

Owner, CDO
After receiving a B.A in Business management from Central Connecticut State University, I went to work for a few early stage companies and in 2015 decided to follow my passion of aquaponics. It was when I took the leap to start a business that I met Kieran and Spencer in the reSET accelerator program.
Anne St. Hilaire

Anne St. Hilaire

Director of Brand and Marketing
My passion is sharing important information with the world – and the work that we’re doing here at Trifecta is nothing short of important. With a strong background in marketing, social media management, and public relations, I’m here to push Trifecta Ecosystems forward as the leader of aquaponics technology within the controlled environment agriculture space.

About Trifecta

Origin StoryOur Origin Story:

A four year long journey as a company has led to quite a few amazing milestones that we would love to share with you. Every one of them showcases how organic growth and baby steps led to the success of our aquaponics farm. We cannot stress enough the importance of starting small. Our first system was built in a small, dark, Boston apartment. It was here the idea of the Trifecta first took shape. Most aquapioneers looked at a system and saw the synergistic give and take between the plants and fish, but we saw a third player: the microbial community. And in that moment, the Aquaponics Trifecta™  was born….and so was the logo. We were on our way…
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Our PassionOur Passion:

Why are we cultivating the City that Feeds Itself ™? We’re passionate about shifting the current food paradigm because of our own personal experiences with the problems brought on by an artificially produced food system. As obesity, heart disease, cancer and other diet related issues continue to claim lives, we know we are not alone in our desire for a change. We want to see a healthier, more sustainable, and more responsible food system. Our hearts’ desire is to do everything we can to bring this incredible technology back into the forefront of humankind.
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Our Vision:Our Vision

Our vision is to cultivate the City that Feeds Itself ™. As urban populations continue to skyrocket (70% by 2050) and the average age of farmers continues to rise (58.3 years in 2012), a new wave of urban Hidden Farmers will work with existing suburban and rural farms to create a sustainable food system. In the City that Feeds Itself ™, a diverse network of Hidden Farmers work together with the mission to create a food sustainable world by feeding their communities, families, and selves.
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Our Focus

Our Focus:

We can’t create the City that Feeds Itself ™ by ourselves. That is why we focus our energy into helping the new wave of farmers start growing for themselves and their community. Trifecta Ecosystems is devoted to providing these Hidden Farmers with the technology and skills they need to provide education, job training, and therapy, all while feeding their communities with local and affordable food. These groups all benefit from farming but have lacked the technology and know-how to pull it off to this point. We are here to end that shortfall and these previously Hidden Farmers will emerge and feed themselves and their communities.
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Our Future

Our Future:

The company looks toward the new Meriden location as a catalyst that sprouts more urban farms within the city and across the state. As we prove out the viability of the farm in Meriden, we can leverage that success to help others start their own aquaponics systems in their communities. As a Connecticut benefit corporation, we believe in more than just a positive bottom line for our business, we’re also dedicated to making a positive impact on our environment and our community.
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