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It’s time to face the facts: as urban populations skyrocket and the average age of farmers continues to rise, a new wave of growers is needed to create a sustainable food system for the future. At Trifecta Ecosystems, we’re creating incentives for communities to grow their own food while raising awareness about sustainable farming through education, workshops, and city projects. We call this the City that Feeds Itself™ initiative.


The City That Feeds Itself™ is our initiative towards giving our community the tools it needs to grow its own food. Learn more about the City That Feeds Itself™ here.


The Trifecta Ecosystems journey began when founders Spencer Curry and Kieran Foran came to a clear realization about the food on their plates: in order to really know exactly what they were consuming, they would have to take control and grow their own food. After some extensive research and late night planning, these new farmers had discovered that aquaponics was the most durable, sustainable, and efficient way to grow food in any environment. It didn’t take long before they were growing greens and small vegetables within the confines of a dorm room, and within a few years they expanded to a backyard aquaponics system that operated all year long.

Today, Trifecta Ecosystems has grown into so much more than just a small farm with a big dream. With a brand new 3,500 sq. ft. indoor farm located in Meriden, CT, multiple systems for personal, educational, and city-wide use, and a WeeklyHarvest CSA program that provides fresh greens and salad to local and surrounding communities, we’re working to change our world’s food economy, one sustainably fed city at a time. By empowering farmers in urban environments and educating others on the true potential of aquaponics, we’re planting the seed of change and showcasing how this ancient, yet extremely effective method will adapt the way we interact with food for good.



Spencer Curry

Spencer Curry

Founder, CEO
As a double major in philosophy and latin, I was intent on becoming a teacher. Although my path has shifted since then, I still consider my primary objective to be teaching. It is my hope that we can help inspire and teach other aquapioneers to begin the journey of feeding themselves and their communities too.
Kieran Foran

Kieran Foran

Founder, CMO
I love sharing my knowledge and experience with others, so they can experience the same well being in their own lives. That’s why I love being the Chief Marketing Officer, I think everyday about ways to inspire others to try aquaponics and provide them with the resources and knowledge they need to be successful.
Eric Francis

Eric Francis

Owner, CDO
After receiving a B.A in Business management from Central Connecticut State University, I went to work for a few early stage companies and in 2015 decided to follow my passion of aquaponics. It was when I took the leap to start a business that I met Kieran and Spencer in the reSET accelerator program.
Anne St. Hilaire

Anne St. Hilaire

Director of Brand and Marketing
My passion is sharing important information with the world – and the work that we’re doing here at Trifecta is nothing short of important. With a strong background in marketing, social media management, and public relations, I’m here to push Trifecta Ecosystems forward as the leader of aquaponics technology within the controlled environment agriculture space.
My farming story started in Orlando, Florida as an exchange for free herbalism classes. I’ve been so fortunate to tend land and teach a variety of growing styles all over the United States. It’s such a pleasure to farm for Trifecta where we help cities feed themselves through aquaponic growing innovation.


Passionate about sustainable agriculture? Looking for a way to impact our world’s food system? We want to see what you’ve got! Visit our careers page to see what positions we currently have open, and fill out our career inquiry form!